Attached Lid Containers & Tote Boxes

Attached Lid Containers (ALCs) incorporate an integral hinged lid and tamper-evident security (when fitted with security seals) to reduce losses and deter theft of high-risk or high-value goods in transit.

Totebox now manufacture our famous green attached-lid containers (ALCs), and we’ve improved the design to provide users with a more ergonomic handhold, improved security and market-leading space savings for return trips – a nested height of 80mm out-performs other market leading ALCs, meaning that nested containers take up less space on return transport.

Attached lidded containers are often used in distribution and logistics, they are particularly popular as they delivery a high return on investment. Each container provides you with hundreds of uses, compared to the one-time use of a corrugated cardboard box.

All Totebox ALCs have smooth sides that can be printed full-width to clearly identifying them as your property and to promote brand identity.

Strong and impact resistant, Toteboxes typically stack seven high carrying a 35Kg unit load and nest by up to 78% to save valuable space on return transport.

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