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From food manufacturer to retail point-of-sale Supermarket Crates protect and promote hygiene for fresh and frozen food and many other grocery items.

Supermarket crates or bale arm crates are the leading food produce tray for retail grocery logistics and point-of-sale display. The crates inter-stack with each other for the safe distribution of fruit and vegetables, pre-packaged meats, fish and ready meals.

The bale arm can be moved to enable the containers to both stack and nest. When the bale arm is opened containers nest saving up to 76% of their original height. The alternative stacked height allows efficient distribution and means the same tray can be used for a number of different applications.

We have a range of great value, heavy duty and colour coded supermarket crates to choose from, take a look below:

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  • Blue bread crate

    10 Loaf bakery tray (665x555x185mm)

    £13.95 exVAT
  • 15 Litre – Stacking & Nesting Crate (400x300x180mm)

    £5.95 exVAT
  • Sale!

    35 Litre – Stacking & Nesting Crate Ventilated (600x400x199mm)

    £6.45£7.95 exVAT
  • Sale!

    Totebox Heavy Duty Ventilated Stacking & Nesting Crate, 44 Litre (600x400x253mm)

    £6.95£8.65 exVAT
  • Original Totebox Totedolly Suitable For 600x400mm Containers

    £27.45 exVAT
  • 68 Litre – 15 Loaf Bakery Basket (790x615x165mm)

    £15.45 exVAT
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