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General Use Pallets

• Our General use pallets are ideal for multiple trip logistics operations, making significant fuel savings over heavier pallets.
• Models with feet nests to 62% of overall height, for even greater savings on return transport.
• Pallets are available in standard UK (1200 x 1000mm), Euro (1200 x 800mm) and half Euro (800 x 600mm) sizes.
• Unlike timber pallets, there are no splinters or metal shards that could damage contents or injure personnel.
• Suitable for most industries with specialist products available for food, pharmaceutical and other sterile industries available.

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  • 800 x 600mm Universal Pallet

    £51.98 exVAT
  • 1200 x 800mm General Purpose Pallet With Runners – Grey

    £78.75 exVAT
  • 1200 x 1000mm General Purpose Pallet Heavy Duty – Grey

    £84.00 exVAT