Privacy Statement

Keeping you informed

At Totebox, we always put you first. Which is why we wanted to let you know about the updates we’ve recently made to our Privacy Policy, explaining how we carefully handle your personal information and how we use it.

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives you more control, so we want to make sure you’re comfortable with how we use your information.

Why we collect

We want to make sure you receive the very best customer experience, using your personal information enables us to fulfil orders and to tailor personalised recommendations just for you. That way, you can get the most out of our products, services and promotions.

How we collect

We collect your personal information in a number of different ways, via our website or over the phone. We carefully protect your privacy rights to make sure your personal information is always safe and secure.

How we share

We only share your information with our trusted third parties that help us to fulfil your orders, delivery services.

Know your rights

We’re getting in touch to keep you up to date about your rights. Our Privacy Policy explains everything you need to know (and important legal bits).

For full details, please view our updated Privacy Policy.

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