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Pharmacy Distribution

For any distribution operation it is important that goods in transit reach their intended destination on time, in full and undamaged. This is particularly vital for the highly regulated pharmaceutical market.

Totebox provides the pharmaceutical industry a number of material handling solutions to save money, prevent theft, promote hygiene, improve safety and reduce carbon footprint through our range of reusable plastic containers and accessories.

Attached Lid Containers

The hygienic and tamper-evident properties of plastic ALCs (attached-lid containers) make them an ideal distribution medium for pharmacies. Their hinged lids can be secured with tamper-evident seals and integral label holders used to identify contents and destination.

ALCs provide product protection and secure distribution for all pharmaceuticals, small items and high value products including pharmaceuticals, perfumes & fragrances, toiletries and electrical goods.

Strong and impact resistant, Totebox ALCs typically stack seven high carrying unit loads of up to 35Kg and nest to 75% saving valuable space on return transport.

Tamper-evident security is key to the distribution phase for two reasons; protecting the contents from theft and preventing deliberate contamination. Tamper-evident security seals provide visual identification of whether the distribution container has been opened between leaving the manufacturer or distribution centre and arrival at its end destination.

Unlike some competing ALCs that can be accessed without breaking the seal, Totebox has designed the lid hinge so that a would-be thief cannot prise open the box at the hinge when fitted with tamper-evident security seals.

Totebox can supply seals in custom colours to prevent thieves from refitting a generic seal. Sequentially numbered seals provide an even greater level of security, these can include bar codes for fast data recording.


By nesting for the return trip, ALCs reduce both transport costs and carbon emissions. This is because the space saved means that either more empty boxes can be carried on the return trip or other goods can be carried on the same vehicle as part of the distribution loop. This results in shorter journeys and fewer lorries on the road.

Plastic crates are extremely useful for all types of storage and handling activities, making empty boxes vulnerable to theft. Totebox believe that it is the anonymity of the boxes that make them a popular target, which can be significantly reduced by printing the owner’s logo and contact details as boldly as possible on the containers. All Totebox ALCs have smooth sides that can be printed full-width to clearly identifying them as your property and to promote brand identity.

Smooth surfaces are hygienic and easy to clean. The attached lid also provides protection from dust, moisture and other contaminates.

Totebox ALCs also help users to improve health and safety. Ergonomically positioned hand-holds reduce back injuries and, unlike cardboard boxes and timber pallets, there are no staples, metal shards or splinters to cause injury.

Unlike disposable transit packaging (which takes time to assemble, offers limited protection and is thrown away), Totebox containers can be used again and again – paying for themselves many times over during their long lives.

Wheeled Dollies

Dollies ease and speed manual handling of loaded containers. They are ideal for handling operations at the distribution centre, during distribution and at retail outlets.

Wheeled dollies are nimbler and often faster than using a pallet and pump truck, they take the back-ache out of carrying full crates and enable heavy loads to be effortlessly wheeled under, and out from, shelving or a work bench.

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  • Security Seals – Bag of 1,000

    £29.97 exVAT
  • Security Seals (Randomly Numbered) Bags Of 1,000

    £40.43 exVAT
  • Dolly Suitable For 600x400mm Containers

    Red Dolly Suitable For 80Ltr ALC (600x400mm)

    £49.03 exVAT
  • 6L Attached Lid Container (300 x 200 x 200h mm)

    £10.12 exVAT
  • 40L Attached Lid Container Original Totebox (600 x 400 x 250h mm)

    £14.44£18.85 exVAT
  • 64L Attached Lid Container Original Totebox (600 X 400 X 365h mm)

    £14.91£18.64 exVAT
  • 54L Attached Lid Container Original Totebox (600 x 400 x 320h mm)

    £14.65£18.11 exVAT
  • Label Holder For Original Totebox Attached Lid Container – 10A5B & 10A6B 

    £0.92 exVAT
  • Original Totebox Totedolly Suitable For 600x400mm Containers

    £36.17 exVAT
  • 25L Attached Lid Container Original Totebox (400 x 300 x 306mm)

    £10.91£12.99 exVAT
  • Security Seals – Bag of 500

    £20.21 exVAT
  • 48L Attached Lid Container (600 x 400 x 264h mm)

    £18.42 exVAT
  • 54L Attached Lid Container (600 x 400 x 306h mm)

    £20.15 exVAT
  • 65L Attached Lid Container (600 x 400 x 365h mm)

    £21.56 exVAT
  • 70L Attached Lid Container (600 x 400 x 400h mm)

    £22.81 exVAT
  • 20L Attached Lid Container Original Totebox (400 x 300 x 264mm)

    £10.11£12.07 exVAT
  • 25L Attached Lid Container Original Totebox (400 x 300 x 306mm)

    £10.91£12.99 exVAT
  • Label Holder For 80 ltr Attached lid Container – 10083

    £0.95 exVAT
  • Label Holder For Attached lid Container – AT644004

    £0.92 exVAT
  • Label Holder For 20ltr & 25ltr Attached lid Container – 10020 & 10025

    £0.92 exVAT
  • 80L Attached Lid Container Original Totebox (710x460x368mm)

    £18.43£22.00 exVAT
  • Dolly Suitable For 800 x 600mm Containers

    £98.00 exVAT
  • 20L Attached Lid Container Original Totebox (400 x 300 x 264mm)

    £10.11£12.07 exVAT
  • Recycled Eco Totedolly Suitable For 600x400mm Containers

    £33.08 exVAT