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How to Organise your Garage

There can’t be many people who don’t waste several hours each year looking for missing items. Whether it is a washer or replacement light bulb, we are all victims of losing items each year. The key benefit of efficient storage is being able to quickly locate and access stored items. But with most households having […]

Five Efficient Ways to Organise Your Warehouse For Productivity

An efficiently organised warehouse will improve warehouse filling capacity, speed handling operations while also reducing the number of accidents. Totebox explores how reusable plastic storage containers can help Warehouse Managers to reduce the cost of picking, packing and handling operations, and improve health & safety.   1 Speed Picking Operations Identification and accessibility are key […]

Smart Storage Solutions For Your Home

Do you often spend a long time searching for a lost item in dusty cardboard boxes? Keeping everything neat and tidy where it’s easy to find and accessible is essential in a home as this will save you hours of rooting through boxes. Totebox plastic storage boxes are the ideal solution for your home storage needs.   […]

7 Distribution Benefits of Using Plastic Attached Lid Containers

Totebox attached lid containers (ALCs) feature an integral hinged lid and provide tamper-evident security to reduce loss and deter theft of high-risk or high-value goods in transit. They are the ideal distribution crates for a wide variety of applications in the manufacturing, retail and service sectors. […]

Stacking Boxes | Advantages

Stacking boxes is a quite common and reliable method of storage for those of us who like holding on to their valuables probably for future use or reference. In this article we will elaborate on the advantages of such a practice. […]

Stack, Nest or Fold? A Guide to Selecting the Right Container.

Plastic crates used for storage, handling and distribution applications are available in three main formats; stacking boxes, nesting boxes and folding boxes. All three designs stack when loaded, but the nesting and folding models also inter-nest or fold flat to save space when not in use. There are a number of advantages and disadvantages associated […]

Could your business benefit from replacing cardboard packaging with reusable plastic boxes?

Replacing cardboard with reusable plastic boxes can provide multiple benefits to most businesses, helping them to save money, improve handling efficiencies and reduce their carbon footprint. This article examines how manufacturing, retail, logistics or service operation involved in the storage, handling, and distribution of products and components can reap both financial and environmental rewards by […]

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