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What are Euro Containers?

Designed around a standard 600 x 400mm footprint, plastic Euro containers integrate with common pallet sizes, manual handling equipment and many automated systems. As the name implies, they are the common crate size for use throughout Europe, including the UK. […]

Benefits of plastic pallets for distribution and export

Since January, post-Brexit trade rules mean that wood pallets and pallet boxes used for moving goods between Britain and the European Union, as well as between Britain and Northern Ireland, must meet the global ISPM 15 safety standards. Under the standard timber, packaging has to be heated or fumigated to kill wood born pests and diseases […]

Ways to transform your stockroom into an efficient space

Whatever the size of your stockroom, it is likely you can increase storage capacity and improve accessibility without having to expand the storage area. Totebox explain how plastic storage containers and handling accessories optimise storage density and make finding items faster and easier. […]

Top Uses For Plastic Pallets

With the massive choice of plastic pallets now available in the UK, it isn’t always easy to select the best option to meet your handling needs. Totebox explain the benefits of each design, recommend features to look out for and offer some tips to help users improve their handling efficiencies. Plastic pallets are supplied in […]

The Environmental Benefits of Reusable Supermarket Crates

Plastic supermarket crates address growing demands from retailers to eliminate packaging waste and reduce environmental impact.  What are the benefits of reusing supermarket crates? The Totebox range of supermarket crates (also known as produce trays) provides an environmentally friendly solution for transporting chilled and frozen produce, as well as general grocery items at an ambient […]

Declutter Your Home This Spring

With the lockdown in full swing, many people are taking the opportunity to declutter their home. Here at Totebox, we’re going to share a few ideas to help you tidy your house and keep it clutter-free. There are many benefits to clearing a room of clutter. Organising your home becomes easier, tidying is faster, and […]

The Top Storage Containers

Whether tidying up toys, packing away power tools or heading off on an adventure, plastic storage boxes can help you make the most of available space in your home or business. […]

Organising Tips & Tricks for the Home

There is probably much more home storage space in your house than you realise, it just takes a bit of “in the box” thinking. Totebox shares their top tips and tricks to improve storage in your house without breaking the bank. […]

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