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Since January, post-Brexit trade rules mean that wood pallets and pallet boxes used for moving goods between Britain and the European Union, as well as between Britain and Northern Ireland, must meet the global ISPM 15 safety standards. Under the standard timber, packaging has to be heated or fumigated to kill wood born pests and diseases and then stamped with a mark of compliance.

These regulations are prompting many distributors to consider plastic pallets and plastic pallet boxes as a practical and cost-effective alternative to traditional timber pallets. 


Exempt from ISPM 15, plastic distribution pallets and plastic bulk boxes offer users a number of additional advantages over timber pallets for distribution and export.


Although initially more expensive than wood, plastic pallets can save money through longevity and by eliminating repair and maintenance costs. Nestable plastic pallets incorporate hollow tampered feet that allow pallets to nest when empty, saving valuable space on return transport. Folding plastic bulk containers fold flat for the return trip.


Plastic export pallets and bulk boxes also eliminate the risk of being held up or refused entry at customs due to a missing or incorrect export packaging declaration document.

From the hygiene, health and safety perspective, plastic pallets and plastic bulk containers win hands down over their timber alternatives. They are free from nails, splinters & metal shards that could damage the load or injure personnel. Inherently hygienic and easy to clean, they will not absorb moisture or contaminants and are not prone to splintering, rust or other possible sources of contamination. 


Plastic pallets and bulk containers include design benefits that enable faster and safer handling operations. Bevelled runners allow easy access by pallet truck rollers, while curved corners on feet help deflect accidental knock from forklifts. Some models of plastic pallets also include a load retaining raised edge.


Plastic pallets and bulk containers have a constant tare; they will not absorb moisture and so maintain a constant weight. This helps users to accurately weigh goods on the pallet and ensures that they do not either over-deliver or short change their customers.

Available in more attractive colours than timber, many plastic pallets can be printed with the owner’s name and corporate logo. Textured areas allow the removal of adhesive labels without leaving a sticky residue. Recessed areas protect permanent labels and bar codes from becoming defaced or accidentally removed.

Reusable, and recyclable at the end of their long working life, plastic pallets and bulk containers also help users to meet their environmental objectives.

Totebox offer a range of plastic nestable export pallets in 1200 x 1000mm, 1200 x 800mm and 800 x 600mm sizes. They also supply a number of folding and rigid plastic pallet boxes.

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