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With the lockdown in full swing, many people are taking the opportunity to declutter their home. Here at Totebox, we’re going to share a few ideas to help you tidy your house and keep it clutter-free.

There are many benefits to clearing a room of clutter. Organising your home becomes easier, tidying is faster, and things are quicker to find. Small items are less likely to be lost and it could also generate cash for yourself. As well as help you to support local charities!

Organise With Storage Boxes

Before you start, set some ground rules. For example:

  1. Get rid of clothing that hasn’t been worn or any item that hasn’t been used in the last twelve months.
  2. Don’t be tempted to keep things that may prove useful in the future if you haven’t needed them before. 
  3. Consider whether ornaments, books, CDs, etc really bring you joy?
  4. Clear out duplicate tools, kitchen equipment, etc.

Daunted? Go room by room, but start in cupboards and wardrobes as making space here will provide storage space for things you want to keep.

How to Use Storage Boxes

Strong plastic storage boxes are ideal for both the sorting operation and for future storage. Use at least four large plastic storage boxes in each room for sorting into items to “keep”, “trash”, “donate”, or “sell”.

There are two standard container designs that have been adapted for home use: stacking & nesting containers and stacking crates. These boxes will serve you well for the decluttering operation and provide compact organised storage to help you keep your home tidy in the future. They’re less expensive than most shelving units and other traditional storage options. With a little planning, they will also provide denser home storage – meaning that you can pack away more things.

Attached-lid stacking & nesting containers securely stack with lids closed and nest inside each other with lids open, so they are themselves easily stored when not in use. They are great for temporary uses, such as decluttering the house. As well as for permanent storage. Totebox manufactures their famous Original Totebox attached lid containers in the UK.



Stack-only models, such as Totebox Euro stacking containers, allow users to create modular compact storage units with smaller containers stacking two-up (side-by-side) on larger models. This enables you to create storage themes such as ‘holiday’, ‘Christmas decorations’, ‘garden’, etc. With smaller or more fragile items packed in separate containers and then all the containers in the theme stacked into a compact storage unit. Containers are available in a choice of colours, helping you to colour code items by theme.

Plastic storage boxes with lids protect the contents from rain and dust. Lids are available for all Euro stacking containers and some models incorporate an attached hinged lid.

There are many types of plastic containers on the market and they vary greatly in quality. Plastic storage containers commonly sold at popular retail outlets may be relatively inexpensive but they tend to break after a short time and cannot be stacked particularly high, presenting a potential safety risk if they are carrying anything but light loads. 

Industrial strength plastic containers, such as those stocked by Totebox, are designed for tough storage and handling operations in factories and warehouses where they typically carry unit loads exceeding 20Kg and are stacked up to ten high. They cost a little more but should last a lifetime.

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