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Whether tidying up toys, packing away power tools or heading off on an adventure, plastic storage boxes can help you make the most of available space in your home or business.

Totebox takes a look at some practical space-saving domestic applications for plastic storage boxes.

  1. Clothing

Plastic boxes are ideal for storage of seasonal clothing, helping you to save space in your wardrobe and chest of drawers – and freeing space for even more outfits!

To prevent musty smells developing, wash and thoroughly dry your clothes before storage. Rolling clothes up prevents them from creasing and saves space. Smooth out the clothes’ wrinkles as you fold and roll. The plastic containers can then be stored away on your wardrobe’s top-shelf or up in the attic.

Use plastic containers with lids to keep out damp and protect contents from moths and other pests.

  1. Kitchen storage

Plastic storage containers are perfect for storing lesser-used kitchen utensils, electrical equipment, crockery, and glassware. Plastic is hygienic and easy to clean, but you should ensure that items are clean and dry before storage.

If storing away from the kitchen, label the boxes “fragile” and consider wrapping plates and glasses in tissue paper. Additional packaging material, such as bubble wrap or newspaper, is recommended for moving house or when going on a picnic.

Plastic boxes can be used for storing dry ingredients, such as bagged flour, sugar, dry fruit, etc. Use boxes with lids to protect contents from moisture and pests.

  1. DIY tools

Plastic stacking containers provide versatile and convenient storage for power tools, nuts & bolts, and other equipment. They are less expensive than most shelving units and provide denser storage, with boxes stacking on top of each other to form a compact storage unit, meaning that you can pack away more items in limited space.

Totebox Euro stacking containers allow users to create modular compact storage units with smaller containers stacking 2-up (side-by-side) on larger models. Totebox attached lid containers are great for items that need to be security protected. They stack with lids closed and nest with lids open to save space when empty.

  1. Children’s play boxes

Plastic attached lid containers, such as Toteboxes, are also ideal for storing children’s toys. Available in a choice of attractive colours, they look great in kids’ bedrooms where they can be simply stacked on top of each other.

  1. Sports kit and hobby boxes

Plastic attached lid Toteboxes are also perfect for storing and transporting sports kits, fishing equipment, walking boots, etc. These containers include deep handholds, so they can be comfortably lifted into and out from a car boot.

Plastic containers will protect your vehicle from mud and dirt. Models with lids will prevent smells from sweaty clothes and damp boots stinking out your car.


  1. Christmas and seasonal decorations

Most decorations can simply be placed in the plastic boxes. More fragile items should be stored in smaller boxes to prevent crushing.

Christmas lights need to be protected from damage and moisture. They should also be carefully wrapped to prevent them from becoming tangled. A great way to store fairy and garden lights is to wind them around a plastic reel (such as an old electrical power cable reel), a coat hanger or a cardboard tube. You can provide further protection with tissue paper or bubble wrap, then place them in the plastic box.

  1. Garden furniture

Storing garden cushions and other summer kits in plastic crates over the winter months will protect them from damp and mildew. Euro containers with an attached lid keep out rain, so they can be used for outside storage.

  1. Holidays

Camping and beach paraphernalia are ideally stored and transported in plastic stacking boxes. They provide compact storage when not in use, are easy to carry and will protect your car from dirt.

Keeping sand out of the car is a seasonal bugbear. Shake loose sand from towels and shoes before you open the vehicle, then place them into plastic boxes. Keep a few litres of water to hand to rinse sandy feet before getting in the car.

  1. Valuables

Burglars are reluctant to go down to the basement, up to the attic, or into any confined area for fear of being trapped there. Unless you have a safe, jewellery, important documents, and other valuables can be kept in plastic containers with lids in a secure storage area. This will keep them safe and protect items from damp and pests.

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