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Nothing brings Christmas cheer to your home like sparkling decorations, twinkling lights and a glistening tree. However, creating a magical festive atmosphere will get off to a dull start if your baubles are broken and lights don’t shine.

Totebox share some tips to ensure that your delicate decorations and fragile lights are safely stored and protected during the other eleven months of the year.


Plastic storage boxes provide compact and convenient storage for Christmas decorations. They protect contents from knocks, keep out damp and help you to achieve maximum use of limited storage space.

You probably store your Christmas decorations in an attic, garage or shed. As you only need to access them once a year, the decorations are likely to be stored at the bottom of a large pile that regularly has items dropped on top with little regard to what lies underneath.

Unlike cardboard boxes, which are easily crushed and provide limited protection from damp. Plastic containers securely stack, so you can stack other items on top without the risk of crushing the contents. Lids for the plastic containers provide further protection from dust, damp and other contaminants.

Totebox plastic boxes and plastic crates are strong; typically carrying a unit load of 20 Kg and stacking up to ten high for a combined load of 200 Kg. So, although decorations may be light, you can safely store heavy items on top.

Plastic Containers With Lid

Plastic stacking containers also provide a space and money saving alternative to shelving. Plastic boxes are less expensive than most shelving units and provide far denser storage, with boxes stacking on top of each other to form a compact storage unit – so you can pack away much more stuff!

Totebox has really useful boxes that make it quick and easy to pack and unpack Christmas decorations. Most decorations can simply be placed within plastic boxes. More fragile items however, should be stored in smaller boxes to prevent crushing. Totebox Euro stacking containers allow users to create modular compact storage units with smaller containers stacking two-up (side-by-side) on large plastic storage boxes.

Totebox attached lid containers are great for items that need to be security protected. They stack with lids closed and nest with lids open to save space when empty, so they are ideal for applications where they are not in use all of the time.

Christmas lights not only need to be protected from damage and moisture, they should also be carefully wrapped to prevent them from becoming tangled.  Untangling knotted lights is frustrating and likely to cause damage to them.

A great way to store lights is to wind them around a plastic reel (such as an old electrical power cable reel), a coat hanger or a cardboard tube. Provide further protection with tissue paper or bubble wrap, then place them in the plastic box.

There are many types of plastic containers on the market and they vary greatly in quality. Plastic storage containers are commonly sold at popular retail outlets and may be relatively inexpensive, but they tend to break after a short time and cannot be stacked particularly high, presenting a potential safety risk if they are carrying anything but light loads. Industrial strength plastic containers, such as those stocked by Totebox, are designed for tough storage and handling operations in factories and warehouses. They cost a little more, but will last a lifetime.


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