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There can’t be many people who don’t waste several hours each year looking for missing items. Whether it is a washer or replacement light bulb, we are all victims of losing items each year. The key benefit of efficient storage is being able to quickly locate and access stored items. But with most households having so much stuff, this is far easier said than done. Totebox suggests a number of garage storage ideas, combining density with accessibility, helping you achieve optimal storage efficiency.

Car Boot Sale

Clear space, and cash in on unused items by selling them at a car boot or online auction site. Most of us are reluctant to get rid of things “that might be useful one day”. But, for most items, the chances are that day will never come. So, get rid of any larger items that haven’t been used for a year or two and earn some cash at the same time.

Maximise Storage Space

Plastic stacking containers provide versatile and convenient garage storage. They are less expensive than most shelving units and provide denser storage, with boxes stacking on top of each other to form a compact storage unit – meaning that you can pack away much more stuff.

Totebox Euro stacking containers allow users to create modular compact storage units with smaller containers, stacking 2-up (side-by-side) on larger models. This enables you to create storage themes such as ‘holiday’, ‘Christmas decorations’, ‘garden’, etc, with smaller or more fragile items packed in separate containers, and then all the containers in the theme stacked into a compact storage cube.

There are many types of plastic containers on the market, and they vary greatly in quality. Plastic storage containers commonly sold at popular retail outlets may be relatively inexpensive, but they tend to break after a short time and cannot be stacked particularly high, presenting a potential safety risk if they are carrying anything but light loads. Heavy duty storage boxes stocked by Totebox are designed for tough storage and handling operations in factories and warehouses, where they typically carry unit loads exceeding 20Kg, and are stacked up to ten high. They cost a little more, but should last a lifetime.

Easy Access to Frequently used Items

Frequently used items should be stored within easy reach. Open front containers provide instant access and allow easy identification of contents.

In terms of equipment, dollies are a great help in carrying and transporting loaded crates. They help to prevent any back-ache that you might experience when carrying items yourself, and make transporting full crates and heavy loads effortless.

Storage System

With any storage, you need to be able to find items quickly, so identification is key. A simple label clearly identifies container contents. Totebox supply a card clip that securely holds labels in place.

Totebox containers are also available in a choice of colours, helping you to colour code items by theme.

Storage Labels

Portable Storage

Versatile plastic containers provide great storage both at home, in the garage and in the boot of your car. Plastic storage boxes that come with lids help protect your contents from the rain. Lids are available for all Totebox Euro containers, and many models can be supplied with an attached hinged lid.

Stacking and nesting containers typically incorporate an attached lid. They stack with lids closed and nest with lids open to save space when empty, making them ideal for applications where they may not be in use all the time.

Attached lid containers and nesting containers are popular for sports kits and activities such as camping. They look good, are easy to carry and fit easily into your average car boot.

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