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Totebox attached lid containers (ALCs) feature an integral hinged lid and provide tamper-evident security to reduce loss and deter theft of high-risk or high-value goods in transit. They are the ideal distribution crates for a wide variety of applications in the manufacturing, retail and service sectors.

ALCs securely stack with the attached lid closed and nest with the lid open. They typically stack seven high carrying unit loads of up to 25 Kg (a combined load of 150 Kg on the bottom box) and nest by around 75% when empty to save valuable space in storage or on return transport.


1. Secure Storage

Fitting tamper-evident security seals protect high-value goods in transit. They work by providing easy visual identification of whether the contents of the containers have been accessed during distribution; if the seal is broken then the container has been opened.

Security seals provide varying levels of security. Poorly designed examples can be easy to remove and replace without breakage, so a good quality seal is essential.

Users should consider purchasing seals in a custom colour to prevent thieves from refitting a generic seal. Sequentially numbered seals provide an even greater level of security, these can include bar codes for fast data recording.


2. Preventing Storage Box Theft

Printed crates clearly identify them as the owner’s property.

Plastic storage boxes with lids are extremely useful for all types of storage and handling activities, making empty boxes vulnerable to theft. It is the anonymity of the crates that make them a popular target, which can be significantly reduced by printing the owner’s logo and contact details as boldly as possible.

All Totebox ALCs have a large printable area on the sides. They also have a smaller print area inside the lid that is visible when the containers are nested with the lids open.


3. Brand Identity Storage Boxes

Printed crates also promote the user’s business, especially in customer-facing applications within the retail and service sectors. The attached lid containers large print area allows both company logo and contact details to be prominently displayed.

Totebox provide customers with a print design service and use a hot-foil printing process where boxes are permanently embossed in a contrasting colour.


4. Secure Storage Box for your Items

The attached lid protects contents from rain showers during distribution.

Unlike a separate lid, which can blow off in wind, is time consuming or fiddly to fit and is easily lost, the attached lid is quick to close and must be deployed to allow containers to stack. This means that the lid is always closed when the crate is loaded – so no risk of operators chancing a shower with an unprotected box when delivering goods.


5. Preventing Cross Contamination

The attached lid also protects contents from dust and other contaminants.

The ability to fit tamper-evident seals is an important consideration where deliberate contamination could be a risk, such as for pharmaceutical distribution.


6. Supply Chain Management

Switching from disposable cardboard boxes to reusable plastic attached lid containers helps users to save money by reducing supply chain costs.

Reusable, tough and durable, with a life expectancy of upwards of seven years, each ALC can replace hundreds of single-trip cardboard boxes. They are maintenance-free, with no disposal or assembly costs (such as tape or banding) and nest to save valuable space on return transport.

ALCs usually have a pay-back period of between six and 18 months – meaning that ALCs pay for themselves many times over during their long life.


7. Environmentally Friendly Storage Containers

Attached lid containers provide a truly green reusable transit packaging solution.

The reusable, space saving and recyclable nature of plastic attached lid containers will help users to reduce their carbon footprint when replacing single-trip transit packaging. They are also 100% recyclable, making new from old, at the end of their long service.