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Euro containers (whether stacking, stack-nest or folding) have standardised base dimensions to fit snugly on both Euro and UK pallets, as well as other handling equipment such as wheeled dollies, shelving and conveyors.

Euro Stacking Containers Dimensions

Containers have a 600 x 400mm footprint to stack in four columns on 1200 x 800mm Euro pallets and in five columns on 1200 x 1000mm UK pallets. Many ranges include half size crates, which measure 400x300mm. Totebox also offer quarter size models, with a 300 x 200mm footprint, and double-size 800 x 600mm containers.

Totebox Euro stacking containers allow users to create modular handling and distribution units with containers of different base dimensions inter-stacking to form compact loads. 400 x 300mm models stack 2-up (side-by-side) on 600 x 400mm containers, which in turn stack 2-up on 800 x 600mm containers.

These containers also have vertical sides, so they have a larger internal volume than stack-nest crates, which have tapering sides to facilitate nesting. Although they do not nest or fold for return trips, Euro stackers should not necessarily be ruled out for distribution operations if the vehicles are used in a closed-loop. These types of stacking containers are very popular within the music industry as they allow all types of musical equipment to be stored and transported anywhere with ease.

Why Should I Use Industrial Plastic Boxes?

Euro stacking containers are ideal for practically all manufacturing and many service industries. Smooth sides are easy to clean and promote hygiene, making them ideal for food and pharmaceutical production and distribution. Larger crates are used for handling and distributing products and components by non-food manufacturers, who often use the smaller size crates for small parts and fixings. Service sector uses include applications as diverse as outside catering, police scene of crime, engineer service kits, hospital sterile services, archaeological storage, etc.

These stacking containers are available in both solid and ventilated formats. Ventilated stacking crates are widely used for food handling applications because the vented sides promote airflow in fridges & freezers, which help the contents to reach the desired temperature quickly.

Some users, in other sectors, choose ventilated containers because they can visually check whether the container is full or empty. Ventilated models also weigh a few hundred grams less than their solid equivalents, helping to reduce delivery vehicle fuel costs and carbon footprint.

Solid stacking crates have smooth sides that lend themselves to certain food handling applications, for example handling meat or fish, where smooth hygienic surfaces are easy to clean and the solid sides and base retain any fluid.

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How Much Can Euro Stacking Containers Carry?

Totebox’s stacking containers are tough, heavy-duty storage boxes. Each model can carry unit loads of at least 25 Kg and stack up to ten high – a combined load of 250 Kg. Larger models have cut-out hand-holds for a more secure grip when manually lifting heavier loads. Some heavy duty storage containers can carry loads of up to 50 Kg.

Euro stacking container accessories include lids, security seals, card clips, dividers and dollies.

Euro containers with lids protect the contents from rain, dust or other contaminants. Totebox also supply Euro stackers with an attached hinged lid which cannot become separated from the container and lost. They provide a degree of tamper evident security when fitted with ties or mini-padlocks.

Such containers are often used for distributing high-value goods. Totebox offer a number of security seals as well as Voidloc tamper-evident labels.

Identification options include the Totebox card clip, which simply clips onto the container top rim. Many operations use adhesive labels to identify contents and destination, these can leave a sticky mess when removed which can become unsightly. Some Totebox Euro stackers feature a textured pin-dot area for the easy removal of temporary labels without leaving adhesive residue.

Totebox divider strips are available in four heights, they snap to size and interlock to divide Euro stacking crates into separate compartments.

Wheeled dollies take the back-ache out of manually carrying loaded containers. Totebox supply both single and double size-dollies, which carry two columns of stacked Euro containers.