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Totebox, supplier of the Original Green Totebox, has strengthened its sustainability credentials with the introduction of Ecototes, a new range of low-cost containers manufactured in recycled plastic and available from stock.


Ecototes are tough, long-lasting and, like all Totebox crates and containers, can be used time and again over many years. This helps users to comply with packaging waste regulations, reduce their carbon footprint and save money.


Reusable plastic containers help minimise packaging waste by allowing users to reduce the amount of both primary packaging and packaging sundries from the supply chain. Each container can replace hundreds of single use cardboard boxes over its life and, as they require no taping and stack securely on pallets, they also eliminate the need for stretch wrapping or banding when fitted with a pallet lid.


The reusable nature of plastic containers ensure that they have a lower carbon footprint than single use transit packaging after a year or two’s use. Recycled Ecototes have an even lower environmental impact as no new material is used.


Although initially more expensive than single use packaging, reusable plastic containers usually have a payback period of around 18-months. Depending on the intensity of use, low cost Ecototes could pay for themselves in less than one year and, with a life expectancy of upwards of seven years, the cost savings could be considerable. 


Rob Cousins, Managing Director of Totebox, said: “With thousands of tonnes of transit packaging materials being disposed of every year in the UK, companies in many different industries have switched to reusable plastic containers in a drive to reduce both the cost and environmental impact of protecting goods in transit.


Although it may sound counter-intuitive, plastic containers enable users to reduce the overall amount of plastic packaging in their supply chain. Manufactured from durable plastic, reusable containers are designed to perform multiple trips over many years, so a single container can replace hundreds of single use packaging items over its long life.  It also enables companies to adhere to the legislative requirements of the Packaging Waste Directive which advocates that packaging should be minimised and designed for recovery and re-use.”


Just like existing Totebox containers, Ecototes are strong and durable, lasting many years in continuous use. The product’s resilience makes them ideal for many heavy-duty industrial and distribution applications.


The Ecototes range incorporates a number of products from other Totebox ranges including Totebox ALCs (Attached Lid Containers) with integral hinged lid and tamper-evident security, Euro stacking containers, Maxinest produce trays, a lightweight distribution pallet that nests for the return trip and a 610-litre pallet box in both solid and ventilated formats – all of which offer an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable transit packaging.


Rob Cousins said: “We are excited to launch our Ecototes range, manufactured entirely from recycled plastic to help our customers save money, reduce packaging waste and improve their carbon footprint. Just like all other containers supplied by Totebox, Ecototes are themselves 100% recyclable at the end of their working lives.”

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