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Ten tips from Totebox to help you save money, reduce time and improve the carbon footprint of your storage, handling and distribution operations.

  1. Optimise vehicle fill
    Whether you use your own transport or a haulage contractor, huge savings can be made by
    maximising the lorry’s storage capacity. Reducing the number of vehicle trips will not only
    save you money, it will also have a positive impact on your carbon footprint. Totebox can help
    you calculate vehicle fill.
  2. Deter pilfering from boxes
    Choose containers which can be fitted with tamper-evident security seals such as Totebox
    attached-lid containers (ALCs).
  3. Prevent theft of the containers themselves
    Reusable containers are by nature extremely useful for all types of storage and handling
    activities, making empty boxes vulnerable to theft. It is the anonymity of the boxes that make
    them a popular target, which can be significantly reduced by printing your company logo and
    contact details as boldly as possible on the container’s sides.
  4. Speed warehouse handling operations
    Warehouse picking and packing can be cost and time inefficient. For example, operations
    that use a turntable for stretch-wrapping palletised boxes prior to despatch can save time
    and costs by using crates that securely interlock when stacked and by fitting a top cap (pallet
    lid) instead of stretch wrapping. The area used for stretch-wrapping can then be used for
    additional storage.
  5. Eliminate double-handling
    Some containers can perform both order picking and distribution applications, saving users
    the time of decanting box contents boxes onto shelving. Check out Totebox’s Distribution
    Picking Container which combines the ease of access required for order picking with the
    protection and security of an attached-lid container.
  6. Speed identification of contents and destination
    Crates with integral label holders can help improve identification of contents and destination,
    helping you to deliver correct quantity of crates, to right location, at right time.
  7. Improve operator safety
    Choosing containers with secure and comfortable hand-grips will help operators to reduce
    injuries incurred through manual lifting and carrying. Use wheeled dollies to further ease and
    speed handling tasks. Visit the HSE website for full details of manual handling guidelines
    including risk assessment and techniques:
  8. Eliminate dust
    Cardboard packaging generates dust which can adhere to machinery lubricants resulting
    in increased maintenance costs. Dust also creates an unpleasant working environment.
    Reusable containers generate no dust.
  9. Maximise hygiene
    Containers with smooth sides and curved corners promote hygiene, are easy to clean and
    stay clean for longer.
  10. Publicise your business
    Containers printed with your logo and contact details promote brand identity.

Still using disposable transit packaging?

Ask Totebox to calculate how much you could save by replacing single or limited trip cardboard with reusable transit packaging. With a pay-back period usually of around 18 months, Totebox trays and containers can pay for themselves many times over during their
long lives and help you to meet your environmental objectives.