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Totebox now manufactures our own-brand attached lid containers (ALCs) and we have updated the range with the introduction of three new models providing users with improved handling, security and identification features.

The new design is the result of comments received from existing ALC users who said that operator comfort, reliable tamper evident security and preventing theft of the boxes themselves were their key concerns.

To address these issues, the new Totebox design features a more ergonomic handhold, improved lid security and smooth sidewalls for printing owner’s logo and contact details.

Rob Cousins, Totebox Managing Director, said:

“Many of the ALCs currently available have handholds with limited depth, causing users to complain of pinched fingers when lifting loaded boxes. The new design features a full-depth handhold with a wide grip, making the boxes more comfortable and secure for manual lifting and carrying.”

Totebox has also redesigned the hinge to provide increased security, meaning that a would-be thief cannot prise open the box at the hinge when fitted with a tamper-evident security seal.

ALCs are by nature extremely useful for all types of storage and handling activities, making empty boxes vulnerable to theft. Totebox believes that it is the anonymity of the boxes that make them a popular target, which can be significantly reduced by printing the owner’s logo and contact details as boldly as possible on the container’s sides.

Consequently, Totebox ALCs have smooth sides that can be printed full-width, clearly identifying them as the owner’s property and also helping to promote brand identity.

The new Totebox ALCs are available in 40, 54 and 64-litre capacities and securely inter-stack with existing Toteboxes, as well as many other models of ALC.

Rob Cousins concludes: “We asked our customers what they needed from their distribution containers and
they told us that operator comfort, tamper-evident security and theft of the boxes themselves were their chief concerns. Our new models tick all three boxes.”