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Totebox – The Plastic Box Specialist 

Specialist supplier of plastic boxes, containers and crates.


Totebox supply a vast range of plastic Tote boxes, containers and crates from our 3 acre distribution site in the Midlands. All our storage and handling products are available from stock for next day delivery to anywhere on the UK mainland (Exc. Highlands & Islands).

Products include  attached lid containers, euro containerssupermarket crates, bulk boxes, pallets, wheeled dollies and allied products to help customers speed handling operations, maximise storage space and reduce distribution costs. 

Further information on our plastic boxes is found below:

Attached Lid Containers

Attached lid containers or tote boxes are plastic containers with hinged interlocking lids. They are made from industrial strength polypropylene and excellent for use in distribution and logistics.

Euro Containers

A Euro Stacking Container, also known as a euro crate or euro bin have straight sides for maximum internal volume. Available with and without lids these durable and versatie stacking container are a useful alternative to replace  cardboard.  They are traditionally used in manufacturing.

Totebox EcoTote Store

The economic and environmental choice; Totebox  EcoTotes are made from 100% recycled material, comprising of recycled polymer and reground virgin plastic generated during the manufacturing process.  They are exempt from the new Plastic Packaging Tax.

Ecototes are tough, long-lasting and, like all Totebox crates and containers, can be used time and again over many years. This helps users to comply with packaging waste regulations, reduce their carbon footprint and save money.

In our drive for 100% sustainability, Totebox employ a local recycling company who collects our end of life boxes to be broken down and recycled into new products.

Supermarket Crates

These bale arm crates are commonly used for food handling, from harvest through to point of sale. They feature a bale arm which allows the plastic boxes to either stack or nest, saving space on return transportation or in the stock room.


Confectionery Trays

Commonly used for bakery goods such as bread, cakes and pastries. They are specifically made to measure 30″ x 18″ (762 x 457mm) to commonly fit in commercial ovens.

Bulk Containers

Totebox supply plastic pallet boxes in a variety of sizes and designs for customers wanting to handle larger, bulkier items. Dolav designed bulk boxes are also available.

Plastic Pallets

We have a range of light, medium, heavy duty and hygienic plastic pallets for sale in a variety of sizes. Unlike timber pallets, there are no splinters or metal shards that could damage contents or injure personnel.

Unlike timber pallets, there are no splinters or metal shards that could damage contents or injure personnel.

Clearance Products

Totebox’s bargain corner where you’ll find amazing deals including reduced price end of line products 


We are experts in the field of materials handling. So if you can’t find the ideal model to meet your needs or require help organising storage or distribution to optimum efficiency, give Totebox a shout!